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The physicians who have written and edited textbooks published by Elsevier are among the most knowledgeable and influential medical experts in the world. Until 2012 however, there was no comprehensive platform that leveraged them as a brand. Elsevier developed the Elsevier Authors website in 2011, but it was not until 2012 that Elsevier decided to completely redesign the site both for aesthetics and functionality and use it as a foundation from which to launch the Elsevier Authors brand initiative.

We began with research: a deep analysis of and Elsevier’s current sales and relationships management strategies. We determined that by adding new content, redesigning, and relaunching and supporting the site with a robust media relations program and new social media tools, we could help Elsevier build a brand identity that positions Elsevier Authors as knowledgeable thought leaders, relevant to the times, and engaged with the medical community in the broadest sense.

Visits to grew steadily following the redesign and relaunch. Coverage for Elsevier Authors spans local, national, and trade publications, as well as online venues and video channels. Media coverage for Elsevier authors has included Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, Boston Globe, San Francisco Business Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, and many others. One of the most positive outcomes of the brand-building program has been to build the media relations and social media skills of early career physicians while keeping the experienced authors connected and feeling valued by their publisher and their community.


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Elsevier Authors homepage

Elsevier Authors homepage