Katie is SteegeThomson's go-to for bringing technical information to life for the layperson while retaining accuracy and integrity.

Katie’s discerning mind and keen eye for detail also make her a top-notch copy editor; for six years, she’s been the final eye on most of SteegeThomson’s creative products.

Katie has written supporting materials for the Smithsonian Institution's statement on climate change; created patient guides for Temple University Health System; and written about nanotechnology, bacterial genes, and space travel for the University of Delaware's College of Engineering. 

She received her bachelor's degree cum laude from Bryn Mawr College. Now a Master of Environmental Studies candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, Katie is an avid gardener and novice birdwatcher who can wax lyrical about rainforests or about the weeds on the sidewalk. She’s also member of the editorial board for Penn’s Journal of Gender and Water.