Lafayette campaign logo

What’s in a name? Sometimes, a brilliant messaging strategy.

An historically strong liberal arts college with a unique engineering program, Lafayette’s vision for the future included strengthening the connectivity of its community within and without and boosting the capacity of both students and faculty to transform fields. Drawing upon these strengths and cohesions, we created Live Connected Lead Change, a campaign brand that has come to represent the essence of Lafayette.

The theme, along with core messages that tied the College’s vision to its funding opportunities, influenced both design and content for campaign materials that included a briefing paper outlining the elements of the case for support; a uniquely visual campaign brochure; and a philanthropic timeline, showing the historic importance of donor support to Lafayette.

In the portfolio below, you’ll see some of our initial presentations to Lafayette on the campaign theme, messaging strategy, and recommendations for bringing the messages alive during the course of the campaign. We continue to provide campaign communications counsel to Lafayette, and will soon deliver a suite of videos to support the campaign that maps to the core messages we developed several years ago.


Lafayette kickoff

CAMPAIGN LOGO projected on the big screen at Yankee Stadium as part of the campaign kick-off weekend


PRESENTATION to Lafayette Trustees introducing messaging and campaign theme (DOWNLOAD)

PRESENTATION to Lafayette Campaign Steering Committee on post-launch campaign communications plan (DOWNLOAD)





The campaign reveille video was used to energize volunteers at a December 2015 holiday gathering. It serves as a preview of the videos that will populate campaign outreach in 2016.