SteegeThomson was delighted to work with Julie Rovner at Kaiser Health News to bring a good news story on veterans' health care to the public eye. Our longtime client the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) recently added questions on military medicine to the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam. The new content will cover skills and knowledge that are particular to caring for service men and women (and their families), such as recognizing the signs of PTSD, treating traumatic brain and blast injuries or losses of limbs, and understanding infectious diseases contracted abroad. Not all veterans have easy access to Veterans Administration health care facilities and specialized care; the new questions will ensure that all future medical doctors practicing in the United States will have at least some of the specialized knowledge necessary to treat veterans and their families well, no matter where they live. Julie's story was picked up by USA TODAY, and included in Gannett papers all over the country. Posted on the Kaiser Health News website, the story was also picked up by PBS News Hour, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Medscape, and Healthcare Finance News, and had good traction in social media with hundreds of posts on Facebook and tweets to over 1.2 million Twitter feeds. Another piece on the new questions ran on Philadelphia's WHYY newsradio on Veteran's Day. Click here to read the story in USA Today.