Many brands are embracing short names and acronyms to simplify their communications. But in the case of the American Public Gardens Association, we discovered that the acronym was detracting from, rather than building, the organization's brand. 

With an expanding member base and growing outreach programs, the American Public Gardens Association needed to kick its visual identity and messaging strategy up a notch. We led a brand refresh that moved the organization away from use of the acronym "APGA" and towards use of its full name; introduced a new logo; and developed a core messaging platform that reflects the organization's significant contributions in sustainability, advocacy, and conservation.

Since 1940, the American Public Gardens Association has been the leading professional organization for public horticulture, advancing the field by encouraging best practices, offering educational and networking opportunities, and advocating on behalf of public gardens worldwide.

Returning to the use of the organization's full name--along with a new visual identity that reinforces its use--provides the Association with a clear, self-explanatory brand that demystifies it for diverse audiences. The new mark and identity system communicate the collaborative interconnectedness of the field of public horticulture as well as its unified strength.