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Our work with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Quality/Equality portfolio fell into three broad categories: support for Foundation grantees, public awareness campaigns, and outreach to policymakers. We helped research projects, such as the University of Chicago’s Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change, engage in public conversation beyond academia. We supported those closely tied to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act  such as the National Quality Forum  with unpacking complex and contentious issues such as health care quality measurement. 

We also helped the Foundation plan for the culmination of Aligning Forces for Quality, a demonstration of grassroots action to improve health care quality in 16 communities across the country. To help policymakers navigate the vast territory of health care quality improvement, we produced quick, RWJF-branded overview series such as Reform in Action and Quality Field Notes, featuring scannable facts, infographics, and best-practice models. We also helped plan and implement Care About Your Care, a multi-year awareness campaign that reached everyone from consumers to health care providers and included online advertising, tools hospitals could use to reach patients, and an accredited continuing education program for doctors and nurses. 


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(Above) INFOGRAPHIC: Equity in the Context of Health Reform

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