Commemorating Women’s History: Listen

In honor of a duo of anniversaries we’re celebrating this year, we’ve compiled our favorite books, films, and songs by, about, and for inspiring women.

What are your favorite books, movies, and music about or by fearless females? We’d love to hear your suggestions—tag us on Twitter or Instagram, or send us an email.


What are your favorite women’s empowerment anthems?

Any number of indisputable classics likely leap to mind (“R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”, anyone?). These are songs that demand to be heard, giving voice to the frustration of oppression, the fortitude of determination, the solidarity of community, or the joy of independence.

On our Woman Power playlist, we’ve compiled many of the aforementioned exemplars—and a whole lot else.

Give this trove of tracks a spin and you’ll find music from every decade since the 1950s. You’ll hear punk, disco, pop, soul, country, folk, R&B, bluegrass, and hip hop. Indictments of harassment, abuse, oppression, misogyny, and the patriarchy, as well as celebrations of autonomy, femininity, and friendship. Philly-based bands who are currently crushing it at a venue near you, alongside artists from Iceland, Cameroon, Japan, Jamaica, Australia, and more. Jams from freedom fighters, movement leaders, and allies. And no less than three numbers each from Beyoncé and Nina Simone (not sorry).

Whether your vibe is “leave me be” or “watch me shine,” we think you’ll hear something that gets your fist pumping or your feet moving. At the very least, we hope it makes you feel “good as hell.”

From our ears to yours — enjoy.