Commemorating Women’s History: Watch

In honor of a duo of anniversaries we’re celebrating this year, we’ve compiled our favorite books, films, and songs by, about, and for inspiring women.

What are your favorite books, movies, and music about or by fearless females? We’d love to hear your suggestions—tag us on Twitter or Instagram, or send us an email.


Among our film picks is Iron Jawed Angels, a modern depiction of the years leading up to the ratification of the 19th amendment, centered on pioneering suffragettes Alice Paul (Hillary Swank), Lucy Burns (Frances O’Connor), Inez Milholland (Julia Ormond), and Carrie Chapman Catt (Anjelica Huston). Rather than focusing on the challenges presented by opponents of women’s suffrage, the film explores the tensions between generational and ideological factions of the movement, namely Catt’s more conservative National American Woman’s Suffrage Association and the more radical National Woman’s Party, founded by Paul and Burns. This moving update on historical events takes its title from the deplorable treatment of Paul and other imprisoned activists, who were force-fed after mounting a hunger strike.

In addition to this tale of suffragette bravery, we’ve highlighted portrayals of some other real-life icons, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (On the Basis of Sex), tennis great Billie Jean King (Battle of the Sexes), and NASA mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson (Hidden Figures). And we couldn’t help but throw in the tales of a few other female leads who, though equally defiant and inspiring, are entirely fictional. Happy screening!

One Woman, One Vote

Iron Jawed Angels


20th Century Women

Hidden Figures

Battle of the Sexes


On the Basis of Sex

Little Women