Prescription for a Bicentennial Celebration

It’s the special moments we remember. When they come, you need to make then count. That’s why SteegeThomson is honored to partner with the University of the Sciences to plan the Bicentennial of its Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, to be celebrated during the 2020–2021 academic year.

Theirs is a Philadelphia story of 68 young apothecaries who banded together in 1821 at Carpenter’s Hall to better their vocation and the public welfare. It’s the University’s story of educating generations of pharmacists who founded the companies who developed life-changing compounds that saved lives worldwide, and who served their communities from self-run pharmacies. And it’s the story of a college that took that entrepreneurial spirit and blossomed into a university that educates students in pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and the biological sciences to develop the next generation of health care providers shaping 21st-century health care delivery.

Stay tuned as SteegeThomson uncovers fascinating stories and develops just the right prescription for a smashing celebration for all.


(Image: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy class in “dispensing,” circa 1911)