Super Bowl LII: A Birds’-eye View

Last week was a good week to be Philly. The Super Bowl win couldn’t have happened to a more deserving town.

Instead of marching to Lincoln Financial Field last Thursday, the Super Bowl Parade convened hundreds of thousands at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s famous “Rocky steps.” Fittingly so: Philadelphia is the home of “Rocky” stories. The Super Bowl win was a victory for the spirit of the city itself.

Like the Eagles and Rocky Balboa, Philadelphia is tough, brawling, and tenacious, with a good heart. It is also, needless to say, a little bit crazy. It’s what helps us dream so big, and work hard to make those dreams real. As Ajay Raju wrote in The Philadelphia Citizen, “Philadelphia is, more than anything, a city that refuses to give up, that illustrates what Penn’s MacArthur Award winner Angela Duckworth describes as grit—the power of passion and perseverance.”

Every day, our clients demonstrate this spirit. Whether they’re helping traumatized families become whole again, sowing the seeds of a new landscape, developing the first FDA-approved gene therapy for cancer, or mapping out a better political future, our clients persevere and always give their best effort.

We count ourselves so lucky to be a part of this city and to tell these stories. We’re also lucky to have windows overlooking Broad Street, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share the view with our clients, friends and families last Thursday as the triumphant Super Bowl Parade went by. Here are some of our favorite snapshots—credit to our excellent young photographer David Lawrence.