Our Team

Lisa Spiller

Design and Production Specialist

Lisa leads the charge in making our work visual and stewards design-intensive projects as they make their way to completion. Her artistic sensibilities (she is also an accomplished illustrator), digital flair and facility with materials and processes help to ensure that everything we produce looks great and arrives on time. Her ability to translate ideas into clear and engaging visuals earned her a Merit Award from the One Club, the world’s foremost nonprofit for the recognition of excellence in advertising.

What is the best thing about your job?
Every day I get to be creative and use the hard-earned skills I developed in design school.
If you had everyone over to your house for dinner, what would you prepare?
I’d get a pizza delivered.
Why did you become a graphic designer?
I’ve always loved art, and I’ve always loved problem solving. Graphic design requires skills in both!
If you couldn’t be a graphic designer what would you be?
Either an astrophysicist or a forensic pathologist!