Ida B. Wells and Alice Paul

Celebrate 100 Years of the Women’s Vote

This Wednesday, August 26, 2020, join us for the opening of “The 19th Amendment: How Women Won the Vote,” a special exhibit at the National Constitution Center that marks 100 years of U.S. women’s suffrage.

After decades of fierce struggle, the 19th Amendment became official U.S. law on August 26, 1920: states could no longer deny voting rights based on sex. The Constitution Center’s 19th Amendment exhibit follows the stories of people like Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Ida B. Wells, who fought for the right to vote, and the continuing story of the constitution and voting rights in the United States. A women-owned business, SteegeThomson is proud to sponsor this exhibition as part of our 35th anniversary celebrations.

The in-person exhibition features nearly 100 artifacts from the suffragist movement, and you can visit FOR FREE from August 26 through September 5. To celebrate, you’re also invited to take part in an array of exciting and educational online activities, including:

  • Exhibit tours through Facebook Live.

  • A special reading of the 19th Amendment.

  • A Kids’ Town Hall where young people can meet famous suffragists like Lucretia Mott and Dora Lewis.

  • RESOLVED: Songs of Women’s Suffrage and the 19th Amendment, featuring the premiere performance of Patrice Michaels’ new musical work “RESOLVED” and a panel of historians highlighting iconic suffragists.

  • Vision 2020’s Toast to Tenacity, a hybrid multimedia event paying tribute to the brave women who fought for the vote.

  • A Drafting Table that lets you explore drafts of the 19th Amendment and documents that influenced it.

  • The Awakening, an animated timeline and interactive map showcasing the progress of women’s suffrage across the nation.

  • The Debates, in which you can listen to the real arguments people gave for and against voting rights for women.

Learn more about the opening events here! We hope you will join us in a toast to the next 100 years!