Client Work—By and For Women

2020 marks SteegeThomson’s 35th anniversary year. We thank our clients for the world-changing work they do.

Founded to support mission-driven organizations, we have been honored to serve an incredible roster of clients in education, arts and culture, human services, and philanthropy. Among them have been many organizations and institutions serving—and led by —women.

Collectively, they have pioneered academically rigorous education for women and girls; advanced economic, gender, and racial justice; funded and built women’s health clinics in America’s most rural states, and promoted women artists who were all but absent from major collections and written out of art history. They have helped women in crisis and in transition, and they have taught girls that the qualities of leadership do not depend on gender.

“All of our clients work for the public good. That imposes a special obligation on the firms that serve them,” said SteegeThomson President Patricia LePera. “We ourselves will not invent a vaccine, discover a species, or curate a major exhibition, but every day, we work on behalf of those who do. Telling all of our clients’ stories is a privilege. For me, there’s just something special about stories that create a more level playing field for women.”

“When Michele Steege and I started SteegeThomson in 1985, communications services for nonprofits came primarily from ad agencies and other businesses focused on larger for-profit clients,” said Carol Thomson, the firm’s co-founder. “Those companies needed to increase sales, but nonprofits, we knew, needed to go beyond that to form relationships. We knew we could do that, and the subsequent 35 years have certainly proven the need was there.”

We encourage you to discover the work of some of women-led and women-serving clients.

Recent Clients

Agnes Irwin School

Baldwin School

Bryn Mawr College

Camden Sophisticated Sisters

Foxcroft School

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Mount Holyoke College

The New York Women’s Foundation

Oxfam, Women’s economic empowerment

Planned Parenthood

St. Catherine University


Past Clients

Agnes Scott College

The Dreuding Center

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York

The National Museum of Women in the Arts

Shipley School

Spelman College

St. Mary’s College

The Women’s Law Project

Women in Transition

Women’s Community Revitalization Project