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Founded in 1830, Boston’s Museum of Science is a world treasure. It’s been sparking the curiosity that changes minds and changes history since 30 years before Charles Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species.

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Long a leader in the space, the Museum of Science seeks to be more. The ambitious SCIENCE IN COMMON campaign envisions a future in which the Museum taps Boston’s rich science and innovation ecosystem to reimagine science education through endowed centers headed by groundbreaking scientists, new learning and convening spaces within the Museum, and stronger digital and educational networks reaching more people worldwide.

Referencing the resonant history of place embodied by the Boston Common, we called the campaign SCIENCE IN COMMON. Those passionate about the Museum see it as a “Boston Science Common,” a driving force for vital public conversations and the unfettered exchange of ideas that shape the world and people’s lives. The campaign seeks to reinforce the idea that science belongs to all of us, and to invite those who may have been excluded from science to learn, to participate, and to create the future.

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people each year by 2030

years old in 2030

“The ethical issue we confront is the need for the public to understand these emerging technologies, which are coming whether we like it or not. There’s a pressing need for communication, for the Museum to bring more people to the conversation.”

Insoo Hyun

Inaugural Director of the Center for Life Sciences

Let’s make something
brilliant together.
Let’s make something
brilliant together.
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