Showcasing the Voices of KIPP

How do we find new ways to motivate and inspire donors in a world flooded with print, digital, and email communications? How can we customize outreach to speak directly to donors’ passions? SteegeThomson developed a custom website to help the KIPP Foundation, America’s largest network of charter schools, answer these questions. The result was KIPP for LIFE, a destination illustrating the powerful impact of philanthropy on students of color.

Our research indicated that KIPP donors are most motivated when they hear directly from the people who make the network so exceptional. We developed a video-rich approach to let donors hear directly from KIPP people telling their own stories. In addition to producing new videos, we also featured films made by KIPP students that included a wide range of authentic voices.

KIPP Talks on subjects such as Investing in Early Literacy highlight the ways philanthropy is put to use, while Our People videos showcase the voices of KIPP students, alumni, and educatorsSlices of Life give current students a platform to share what motivates them, and Your Impact recognizes the difference individual donors can make. Gift officers can create custom pages for donors and prospects that highlight issues and places important to them.

KIPP for LIFE also speaks to an audience only just learning about KIPP through the 10 Things page, which provides a graphic overview of KIPP’s leadership, structure, and reach. Our strategic investment in video also creates opportunities to feature videos on KIPP social media accounts, driving traffic to KIPP for LIFE and expanding general awareness about the network’s many achievements.

This is just the beginning of KIPP for LIFE. We are excited to see how it helps KIPP transform its engagement with donors and usher in a new era of support for joyful, academically excellent schools that can reach every student.