Our Team

Togo Travalia

Senior Associate

Togo is an expert communicator, storyteller, and strategist. He brings a playful creativity and strong sense of language to all he does, and his unparalleled writing and project management skills have benefited SteegeThomson clients in every nonprofit sector. Many of Togo’s clients are longstanding, reflecting the uncommon level of partnership and collaboration he achieves as he helps organizations learn, grow, and connect to new audiences.

Why did you become a communicator?
Everything I love about communicating — developing a persuasive message, grappling with language, telling a story that sticks with someone — boils down to changing perspectives. How do you turn a challenge into an opportunity? How do you inspire action? How do you make the world more caring? Effective communications is the answer.

What was your favorite subject in school? Why?
I always enjoyed learning languages, both modern and classical. Gaining proficiency (much of it worn away) in Spanish, French, Latin, Ancient Greek opened doorways to other cultures and eras — and taught me early on that human beings are ultimately united by common experiences, emotions, and aspirations.