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Keeping the Forest, Highlighting the Trees

William Penn Foundation

How do you celebrate a year of special achievements without downplaying your other priorities?

2014 was a milestone year for the William Penn Foundation. The 70-year-old foundation made the largest individual grant in its history and launched an unprecedented collaboration among 50 environmental organizations. WPF wanted to highlight these banner accomplishments in its annual report without losing sight of the Foundation’s other important work in support of the arts, education, and the environment.

Having developed WPF’s two previous annual reports, SteegeThomson introduced a new design direction with the theme “Seeding Change, Growing Opportunity,” a nod to early successes from the refined strategic goals WPF introduced in 2013. We kept stories short, filling pages with quotes, big-picture numbers, and strong photography. And we created a simple infographic to illustrate the impact of grantee work in 2014. The result was a report with visuals that are compelling both in print and online.

wpf annual report cover
wpf annual report infographic