Making the Case for Writing

National Writing Project

How do you keep funding steady in an ever-changing landscape of support?

SteegeThomson has worked with the National Writing Project (NWP) for more than a de­cade, through some major changes in funding. To keep providing services to writing educators across the nation, the organization has had to constantly communicate both the value of writing and the importance of NWP to nurturing writing in schools. Our previous work with NWP included a Web audit to determine scope and specifics for a site redesign, as well as messaging, a brochure aimed at legislators, and multiple printed annual reports.

More recently, SteegeThomson developed the newest report in NWP’s Teacher Voices series — a project conducted in collaboration with the College Board. In 2014, SteegeThomson developed NWP’s first digital annual report. The site relies on strong photography to highlight the work by NWP’s community of 12,000 teacher-leaders and educate on the value of teaching writing in all disciplines. This was followed by another digital annual report in 2015.

nwp annual report