Framing Equity

National Museum of Women in the Arts

More than half of all visual artists working today are women, yet little more than 5% of all the art hanging on the walls of U.S. museums is by women artists. Since its inception in 1987, the National Museum of Women in the Arts has used its landmark Washington, D.C., home not only to display magnificent artworks by women, but also as a center of scholarship and advocacy for women in the arts.

SteegeThomson was proud to assist the Museum in making the case to restore its historic building, and to illustrate that case through the development of a presentation deck, proposal template, campaign logo, and style guide, as well as a mid-campaign mailer designed to draw more distant Museum members closer to NMWA. We also submitted a comprehensive campaign communications plan that recommended strategies to guide NMWA through complex terrain — the closing of the Museum for renovation and the concurrent launch of its visionary Space to Soar campaign.